June 14, 2013: GEMS Atelier with Joost Keizer

Vrijdag 14 juni spreekt Joost Keizer (Yale University) over zijn nieuwe boekproject rond de Italiaanse schilder Piero della Francesca. Het atelier begint om 14u in de seminariezaal van de faculteitsbibliotheek.

The Realism of Piero della Francesca

For most of us today, realism is just another style in art, a way of saying the same thing differently. But this indifference was not shared by fifteenth-century Italian writers on art. The period witnessed the emergence of a remarkable body of treatises on art, most of which saw realism not as a style but as a mode of depiction that redefined what an artwork did qua artwork. Some of the most defining features of fifteenth-century realism — perspective chiefly among them — completely recalibrated the way a picture related to the subject depicted, the person who made it, and the time and place where a picture was made. This presentation will focus on that recallibration. It takes Piero della Francesca’s Flagellation (ca. 1460) as a test-case.