GEM: digitally published history

Schermafbeelding 2013-07-28 om 08.32.20

We can learn much of our history by looking at what has been printed and how this has been printed. That’s why it is a pity that so much ephemeral and rare prints are unknown to us – stored in dark places of archives and libraries. But now there is MAPP, a publisher founded in 2011 in London, who has set itself the goal to make those rare and unnoticed prints accessible by way of the newest e-book and apps techniques. For no more than £6.99, you can appropriate an alternative artist book, a series of nineteenth-century tourist guides, alphabets from the middle ages and alphabets in color, scientific moon photography or the movement photos by Edward Muybridge. The picture above comes from what is called ‘the first printed star atlas’ by Sienese humanist and philosopher Alessandro Piccolomini.