October 23, 2013: Fifth annual GEMS lecture with Prof. Dr. Timothy Reiss (NYU)

On 23 October Prof. Dr. Timothy Reiss (NYU) will hold the fifth GEMS lecture, entitled “De Bry, Stradanus, Flying Monsters and Globalizing Myths of European Expansion: From the Argonauts to Michelet.” The lecture will take place in room 1.40 (Blandijnberg) from 4 to 6 pm.

Prof. Reiss is professor emeritus of comparative literature at the New York University. He specializes in classical and Renaissance literature, inter-atlantic cultural exchange, philosophy, history, and political theory. He is the author of Toward Dramatic Illusion (1971), Tragedy and Truth. The Discourse of Modernism (1982), The Uncertainty of Analysis (1988), Knowledge, Discovery and Imagination in Early Modern Europe (1997), Against Autonomy: Global Dialectics of Cultural Exchange (2002), and Mirages of the Selfe: Patterns of Personhood in Ancient and Early Modern Europe (2003). He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Guggenheim Fellow, ACLS Fellow, was awarded the Canada Council Senior Fellowship twice, and received the Forkosch Prize in Intellectual History for The Meaning of Literature (1992).

Everyone is invited to attend Prof. Reiss’s lecture.