“What was early modernity? The meaning of being modern, 1400-1800″

From 9 to 13 December 2013, a group of early modern scholars will convene at the Warburg Institute (UCL, London) for an initial exploration of this central theme.

From 10am until 1pm, for an entire week, we will try to jump-start a communal dialogue on selected topics which:

(1) seeks to sidestep teleological and overly crude classifications like ‘modern’ and ‘traditional’;

(2) seeks to develop symmetrical interpretations of early modern phenomena usually associated with either category;

(3) seeks to acquire a deeper understanding of the specificity of “early modernity”;

(4) seeks to probe commonly accepted definitions of what it meant to be modern at the time.

If you are interested in joining us, do feel free to contact me through steven.vandenbroecke at ugent.be. Please include a brief description of your research and how it could benefit from the workshop. The main language of our dialogue will be English.

For more information, please visit our own site or the relevant section of the Warburg Institute website.