GEM: Auerbach in English

Auerbach kaftStill looking for a last-minute Christmas gift? Princeton University Press just published Time, History, and Literature: Selected Essays of Erich Auerbach. Twelve of these essays, by one of the most continuously inspiring literary critics of the twentieth century, have never been translated into English before, others, such as the famous ‘Figura’ were only available in the hard-to-come-by Scenes from the Drama of European Literature from 1984. The topics dealt with by Auerbach in the texts from this volume range from typology in medieval literature, via the notion of world literature, to Proust. Time, History, and Literature was translated from German by Jane O. Newman, who was a guest of GEMS in May 2011, when she presented her previous book, Benjamin’s Library: Modernity, Nation, and the Baroque in the context of the GEMS Atelier series.