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The International Bibliography of Humanism and the Renaissance (IBHR) is an international reference bibliography of academic publications covering the early modern period. The IBHR, which was formerly published by the Librairie Droz as Bibliographie Internationale de l’Humanisme et de la Renaissance, has recently been acquired by Brepols Publishers.

The IBHR editors, in an effort to extend the publication coverage in the bibliography, are currently seeking scholars to join the team of freelance contributors. Contributors are required to index monographs, journal and/or miscellany articles following a standard citation format and assign appropriate keywords using the IBHR online input platform. Contributors will be remunerated according to the number of complete items submitted.

Selection criteria:

•- Access to a research library with strong holdings in 16th and 17thc. European history.

•-  Master’s degree or PhD in Early Modern European History or a related subject.

•- Fluency in English, French, German, Spanish, or Italian. Passive knowledge of other European languages will be considered an asset.

•- Ability and commitment to deliver one hundred citations each year, or more.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor, Brepols would like to hear from you. Enquiries should be made to Chris VandenBorre, Publishing Manager (