July 7-10: GEMS members at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds

Several GEMS members will present papers at this year’s International Medieval Congress in Leeds, one of the world’s biggest conferences devoted to medieval studies, to be held on July 7th – 10th . Eva Vandemeulebroucke will speak about creating authorship in the Opera Omnia manuscripts of fourteenth-century Brabantine mystic Jan van Leeuwen. Ine Kiekens will elaborate on the role of Gotfried van Wevel, Van Leeuwen’s contemporary and compatriot, in the writing of a mystical treatise Vanden twaelf dogheden. Both talks will be given within the session dedicated to the authorship in Middle Dutch spiritual literature organized by prof. Youri Desplenter.
The Ghent Ten Commandments project will be represented by Marta Bigus, who will present the results of her research on the typology, dissemination and audiences of the fourteenth-century Middle Dutch Decalogue writings. The paper will be a part of the session devoted to the Ten Commandments in medieval vernaculars, which was launched on the initiative of prof. Youri Desplenter and Marta Bigus.
Samuel Mareel will speak about theatre performances in schools and monasteries in the sixteenth-century Low Countries. This paper will be presented within a series of talks focusing on New Communities of Interpretation in Europe in the period 1300-1550.
You can find the full programme of the conference on the website of the Leeds Institute for Medieval Studies.