July 1st, 2014: Histories and Theories of Reading with Leah Price

On July 1st, GEMS welcomes Leah Price (Harvard) in the seminar series ‘Histories and Theories of Reading’. Leah Price is the author of How to do Things with Books in Victorian Britain (Princeton UP, 2012). The book will be the main topic of the conversation that Professor Price will have with a number of PhD-students. The meeting with Leah Price will take place in the morning of July 1st (9.30-13.00) in room 0.17 of the Blandijn-building (formerly known as 001b). The preparatory session of the meeting will take place on Tuesday June 24th, between 14.30 and 17.00 in room 0.30 of the Blandijnbuilding. More info on Leah Price’s work can be found at http://scholar.harvard.edu/leahprice/home