Call for Papers: Ad Vivum at the Courtauld Institute

Courtauld Institute of Art, London, organises a conference called Ad vivum?, which will take place on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd November 2014.

Ad vivum and its vernacular cognates (al vivo, au vif, nach dem Leben, naer het leven, etc.) have been applied since the thirteenth century to depictions designated as from, to or after (the) life. This one and a half day event will explore the issues raised by this vocabulary in relation to visual materials produced and used in Europe before 1800, including portraiture, botanical, zoological, medical and topographical images, images of novel and newly discovered phenomena, and likenesses created through direct contact with the object being depicted, such as metal casts of animals.

See this [revised (July 29)] pdf for the Call for Papers. Courtauld Institute welcomes proposals for both 20-minute and 10-minute (maximum 1,000 word) papers. The deadline for proposals is 15 August 2014.