March 24th, 2016: Lecture Jonathan Culler

Culler_BaudelairewithoutBenjaminIt is our pleasure to invite you to the lecture ‘Baudelaire without Benjamin’ that will be given by Professor. Dr. Jonathan Culler on Thursday March 24. The lecture will take place at Room Jozef-Plateau (Ghent University, building Plateau-Rozier), from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Jonathan Culler is Class of 1916 Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Cornell University. In 2015, his Theory of the Lyric was published, in which Culler offers us a bright, new and challenging view on the tradition of the lyric. Culler has also worked on 19th-century French literature (especially on Flaubert and Baudelaire), and on contemporary literary theory and criticism (especially structuralism, deconstruction and French theory generally). Other books that he has written are (amongst others): Flaubert: The Uses of Uncertainty (1974), Structuralist Poetics (1975), The Pursuit of Signs (1981), On Deconstruction (1982), Barthes (1983), and Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction (1997).

Jonathan Culler will be visiting our university as part of our doctoral seminar series: Histories and Theories of Reading. In the seminar he will be discussing his most recent book on the theory of the lyric next to his work on literary theory in general. The seminar is open to all PhD students. Information on attending the doctoral seminar or future seminars can be found here.

You are most cordially invited to attend the lecture. Please confirm your attendance by sending an email to We look forward to seeing you at the lecture.