Guest lecture with Prof. Marissa Nicosia (Penn State Abington): “Seasonal Tastes: Timing Recipes in Margaret Cavendish’s Poems and Fancies (1653).” 

Location: Camelot Meeting Room (3rd Floor), Blandijnberg 2 

Time: Monday, 14 November 2022, 11am 

“Reading poetry alongside how-to literature my project Seasonal Tastes explores England’s intertwined literary and recipe cultures to consider flavor time poetics and climate in the early modern period. By taking poetic and practical discussions of the seasons as its central focus this study intervenes in recent debates in literary studies food studies and the interdisciplinary field of environmental studies. This talk will provide an overview of Seasonal Tastes and as a case study consider the temporality of Margaret Cavendish’s recipe poems within the larger context of early modern recipe manuscripts.”

Marissa Nicosia is Associate Professor of Renaissance Literature, in English, at Penn State Abington, and co-editor of Making Milton: Print, Authorship, Afterlives (Oxford University Press, 2021). Her current project is “Historical Futures: Imagining Time in the Early Modern Chronicle Play,” which argues that plays construct speculative futures when they report narratives about the national past. Drawing on the methods of historical formalism and critical bibliography, this study reveals the metaphoric and material ways that chronicle plays participate in debates about temporality and politics in the early modern period.