Call for Papers 2024: Controversy

GEMS members might be interested in this call for papers!

The Yearbook for Dutch Book History publishes Dutch and English-language articles on the book history of the Low Countries in all time periods. For the 31st edition of the Yearbook, to be published in 2024, we welcome in particular contributions concerning the theme ‘Controversy’. Scandals, provocations and ethical problems: some are shocked by them, some delight in them, others use them to change the world. Our current society may seem more divided than ever, but is that truly the case? To explore this issue, the editorial board of the Yearbook for Dutch Book History seeks articles on the role of controversy in the book history of the Low Countries. Contributions might study books that caused controversy in the past, or those that do so in our own age, because of their outdated content or illustrations, or even ethical issues concerning anthropodermic book bindings.

We welcome articles focussing on any of the following subject areas:

  • Controversial authors, collectors or publications;
  • Ethical issues in the book trade, publishing industry or the materiality of the book;
  • Books that shocked society and set in motion broader societal changes;
  • The use of satire in text and image;
  • The book and pamphlet as means of protest;
  • Readers’ reactions to controversial books;
  • Disinformation and fake news.

Send your proposal or article summary to the editorial board before 1 March 2023 ( or via one of our editors). The deadline for contributions to the 2024 edition of the Yearbook is 1 November 2023.