Britt Grootes

Britt Grootes is doing research at the Department of Literary Studies at Ghent University. She holds an MA in Word & Image Studies (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and an MA in Art Sciences (Ghent University), and she has worked on different exhibition, archiving, and digitization projects regarding typography and graphic design. Her current research project focuses on the notion of the author in Foucault’s (later) work of 1976-1984, more specifically in the courses that Foucault gave at the Collège de France during those years. Central in this research are Foucault’s deployment and elaboration of notions like confession, ‘parrhesia’, ‘governmentality’, his reflections on the work of Raymond Roussel, and the way his work shows several mechanisms of integration.
Britt’s fields of interests are literary and cultural theory, the genealogy of literature (with a focus on what was happening in the 16th/17th Century), poetics, rhetoric, the writing of an I, the book in all its aspects, ordering systems, publishing, curating and exhibitions.