Jetze Touber

Jetze Touber is a postdoctoral research assistant at the Department of History at Ghent University. His research interests concern the history of knowledge, at the interface of science, scholarship, and religion. His PhD-research on the sixteenth-century priest Antonio Gallonio (1556-1605) has resulted in the monograph Law, Medicine, and Engineering in the Cult of the Saints in Counter-Reformation Rome (Brill 2014), for which he has received the 2016 Research Price of the WIS (Werkgroep Italië Studies, the Netherlands). In subsequent research projects he has studied biblical philology, antiquarianism and natural history in Catholic and Protestant settings in Western Europe from the sixteenth to the early eighteenth centuries. His monograph Spinoza and Biblical Philology in the Dutch Republic 1660-1710 is due to appear with Oxford University Press. Currently he is working on a research project for which he received BOF-funding of the University of Ghent: Boundary Stones in the Body, a comparative study of early modern conceptions of the bodily interior, focused on the  perception of internal stones in medical, philosophical, and religious perspectives, in Italy and the Low Countries.