Alexander Roose

Alexander Roose, former Director of Studies and fellow at Clare College (Cambridge), teaches French literature and thought at Ghent University. He works on the French Early Modern period. He published on Barthélemy Aneau, Corneille, Saint-Evremond, La Mothe Le Vayer.
His research deals with the intersection between literature, philosophy, and intellectual history.

His recent books are La Curiosité de Montaigne (Paris, Champion, 2015) and De Vrolijke Wijsheid. Zoeken, denken en leven met Michel de Montaigne (Antwerpen Polis, 2016) – this book won the “Prijs voor het Spirituele Boek” 2017- award. He’s currently writing a new book on Blaise Pascal. This monograph aims to depict how an anti-modern thinker made Modernity possible.

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