Anne-Laure van Bruaene

Anne-Laure van Bruaene teaches early modern cultural history and urban history at Ghent University. She has a PhD in History. Most of her work concerns the Low Countries in the period from ca. 1450 to ca. 1650. She has published two monographs: on urban chronicles (1998) and on urban literary societies or rederijkerskamers (2008). In 2006 she was the laureate of the William Nelson Prize (Renaissance Society of America) for the best article in Renaissance Quarterly. She is Ghent co-promotor of the Belgian-Dutch interuniversity network “City and Society in the Low Countries (ca. 1200-ca. 1850)” and promotor of a number of smaller-scale projects on urban culture and religion. In 2012 she co-organized with Ethan Matt Kavaler an interdisciplinary conference on ‘Netherlandish Culture of the Sixteenth Century’ at the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies in Toronto.

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