Christophe Madelein

Christophe Madelein studied Dutch, English and literary theory at Ghent University and the Catholic University of Louvain. He wrote a PhD on the sublime in the Netherlands, and is the author of Juigchen in den adel der menschlijke natuur. Het verhevene in de Nederlanden 1770-1830 (2010, Rejoicing in the nobility of human nature. The sublime in the Netherlands 1770-1830). He is member of the editorial board of the journal of the Belgian-Dutch society of the study of the eighteenth century, De 18e eeuw, and has taught courses at Ghent University, Groningen University and the University of Pennsylvania (Brueghel chair 2013). He has published mainly on eighteenth-century aesthetics, and is co-editor of Histories of the Sublime (2005) and Bilderdijk, Kinker & Van Hemert. Als van hooger bestemming en aart (2008). His most recent research is on national history and the historical experience in Dutch epics (1766-1795), at the department of Dutch literature and literary theory at Ghent University.

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