Isabelle Devos

Isabelle Devos is Senior Lecturer at the History Department. She is a historian (UGent) and demographer (UC Louvain-la-Neuve). Over the years her research has revolved around social and economic issues of the early modern period and the long nineteenth century in a comparative perspective, with a particular focus on health. Devos is director of the Quetelet Center for Quantitative Historical Research, UGent’s centre of expertise for researchers using quantitative and quantifiable sources from Belgium’s past. She is also the main promotor of STREAM, a spatiotemporal research infrastructure for early modern Flanders and Brabant. Under her supervision there are several ongoing and finished projects on the life courses of population groups which up until now have largely been neglected in historical research (the hearing impaired, never married women, prostitutes, servants, prisoners etc.). By focusing on such vulnerable populations, Devos aims to gain more insight into the manner in which societies determine hierarchies and adapt to economic change.

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