Michel van Duijnen

Michel van Duijnen works as a PhD-candidate in cultural history at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He holds both an MA in political history (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and an MSc in Nationalism Studies (University of Edinburgh). Michel’s research is embedded in the Dutch-Flemish ITEMP-group, which investigates the theatrical representation of violence in the early modern Low Countries between 1630 and 1690. Here, his focus is on the theatrical representation of violence in public spaces, whereas his colleague in Gent, Yannice De Bruyn, focusses on actual theatre plays. In light of the project’s subtitle – Imagineering Violence – a great deal of attention will be directed at reconstructing multidirectional processes of imagination, and how public spectacles and visual media drew upon theatrical practices. Case studies include the entry of Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand in Antwerp (1635), celebrations of the conquests of Buda (1686), as well as public executions and media visualizing siege warfare.