Sarah Adams

Sarah Adams studied Historical Linguistics and Literature and is currently working as a PhD-student (FWO) at the Department of Literature at Ghent University. Her project, Slavery on Scene, attempts to chart the representation of slavery on the Dutch stage in an age of significant ideological and political change (1775-1825). She aims to examine the ways in which performance became a conduit to advance abolitionist discourses and to shed light on internal complexities of these abolitionist imaginings. With emeritus professor Bert Paasman (University of Amsterdam) she is working on a study edition of Dirk Van Hogendorp’s controversial play Kraspoekol, of de slaaverny (1800), in which slavery in the West and East Indies is severely criticised. Her research interests range from travel narratives and colonial literature over slavery history to early modern theatre. She is also a member of the joint research group THALIA (Interplay of Theatre, Literature & Media in Performance).