Yannice De Bruyn

Yannice De Bruyn is working as a PhD student at the Department of Literary Studies (Dutch Literature) of Ghent University and the TALK Department at the Free University of Brussels. She graduated as Master of Arts at Ghent University. She is part of the ITEMP-group, which investigates the theatrical representation of violence in the early modern Low Countries between 1630 and 1690. Yannice’s focus will be on the actual theatre, whereas her Amsterdam colleague will examine public spectacles outside the theatre. In light of the project’s subtitle – Imagineering Violence – a great deal of attention will be directed at reconstructing multidirectional processes of imagination, and how these related to actual theatrical practices. Case studies include Govert Bidloo’s Het zegepraalende Oostenryk, Of Verovering van Offen (1686), a recently rediscovered Jesuit play, Arma Victricia (1652), and Geeraardt Brandt’s De veinzende Torquatus (1645).