Ruben Suykerbuyk

Ruben Suykerbuyk is a doctoral researcher at the Department of History at Ghent University. His field of expertise is fifteenth- to early seventeenth-century Netherlandish cultural history, with a focus on religious art and material culture. He has published several articles on the life and work of the artist Michiel Coxcie (c. 1499-1592). More recent contributions focus on the 1566 Iconoclastic Fury (Beeldenstorm) in the Low Countries and religious patronage in Zoutleeuw’s Saint Leonard’s church. Currently he is working on the FWO-funded project ‘Embodied piety in the age of iconoclasm. Church, artifact and religious routine in the sixteenth-century Low Countries’, with the Zoutleeuw church as case study (promotors: Anne-Laure Van Bruaene and Koenraad Jonckheere). The project aims at getting insight in the bodily conduct of the faithful and the day-to-day routine in and use of Netherlandish churches. With this research, it is hoped to get a more basic understanding of the context, functionality and the ‘site-specificity’ of artworks.

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