“Materiality in the History and Theory of Architecture”: Upcoming Lecture & Workshop

Over the course of the 2022-2023 academic year, the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning is hosting a lecture series on “Materiality in the History and Theory of Architecture.” On 1 March 2023, Fabio Barry will deliver the next lecture “Painting in Stone: Reloaded?” at the VANDENHOVE Centre (17:30-19:00). The following day (2 March, 11:00-13:00), Dr. Barry will lead a workshop that examines the relationship between poetry and early modern architecture (description follows). Lunch will be provided. Please email elizabeth.merrill@ugent.be to register your attendance.  

Workshop: “Monumenting: Poetry and Architecture

“I have raised a monument more lasting than bronze and loftier than any pyramid,” reads Horace’s epilogue to the Odes and his epitaph as a poet. Beyond mere description, to what degree could poetry become an intermedial embodiment of building?

This workshop will examine three buildings in Rome:

a) a medieval tower, the “Casa dei Crescenzi,” with an anonymous poem on mortality inscribed over its doorway (incipit: Non fuit ignarus, 12th century).

b) a semi-imaginary poem about a half-built villa, the Villa Madama (Francesco Sperulo, Villa Iulia Medica versibus fabricata, 1519).

c) a verse description of the building, images, materials, and mosaics of the Cappella Gregoriana in St. Peter’s (Lorenzo Frizolio, Sacellum Gregorianum, 1583)

Readings will be circulated beforehand.