Tom Laureys

Tom Laureys (°1996) holds a master’s degree in Historical Literature and Linguistics at Ghent University. He is currently working as a PhD-student (BOF) at his alma mater’s Department of Literary Studies. His research project, called Radical Revenge?, focuses on seventeenth-century revenge theatre in the Northern Netherlands (1638-1678). The aim of the project is to examine how the subject in the revenge tragedy is conceptualized differently in its relation to the providential order compared to early modern Aristotelian and French-classicist tragedies. Moreover, Radical Revenge? investigates whether the changing vision on providential thinking in the early modern period interferes with specific philosophical and religious issues and debates that were topical at the time. During his studies, Tom wrote two research articles on the Dutch revenge tragedy for the journals Nederlandse Letterkunde and Handelingen van de KZM, which are forthcoming.

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